This Teacher had a wide reach, was versatile and an example to many

Mrs. Susheela Raghavan 20th Aug 2020 25.02.1934 to 17.08.2020 ,

Mrs. Suhsheela Raghavan was the last of the ten children of Mr. & Mrs. Bashyam Iyengar, wife of Major Raghavan and was the youngest daughter-in-law of Mr. T.T. Krishnamachari, former Finance Minister of our country.

With an M.A. History and B.Ed., she went on a Government of India scholarship to the University of Southampton to study Geography. She later got a P.G. diploma in Geography from the University of Madras. She was a rank holder right through all these courses.

Her early teaching was at Delhi with Armed Forces Public School (1960-63). She joined Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan School while it was still a young school in 1966 and served there till 1978. She held several posts there and grew from a primary school teacher to become the Directress of the primary school. After a brief stint as a part time Geography teacher at Vidya Mandir, she worked at the Krishnamurthy Foundation of India as a senior Geography teacher till her retirement in 1994.

Her passion for Geography was very deep. In education circles, her name is synonymous with Geography. She was an author of Geography text and map books, articles and short stories for children. She demonstrated that if there is involvement and imagination, things around us could become teaching aids. She would make a ball a globe, broomsticks - latitudes and longitudes, sand - mountains, and blue coloured thread - rivers! She could transform any teacher with interest into a Geography teacher. She has an important place in the history of The Association of Geography Teachers of India for its growth and the network it established.

A teacher to so many children and adults for over 60 years through many schools and forums, she won the hearts of her students with her unconditional love and non-judgmental attitude. Her former students kept in touch with her and she remembered each one of them, their distinct skills and talents.

Post retirement, she chose to help many schools and NGOs. The schools she taught at and that she helped establish will have her imprints across many programmes and will keep her alive.

She was the Correspondent of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Madras. She was the Founder Chairperson of Vidya Peetam, Sholinghur from 1982-1999. From 1995, she was a Trustee of the Akshaya Vidya Trust that manages the three Vedavalli Vidyalaya School. From 2008, she was a Trustee of the Bhuvana Foundation that runs Vidya Vanam, a tribal school at Anaikatti,. She was very proud of her involvement with the rural and tribal schools. She was a member of the University Women’s Association. She worked closely with the Chennai historian, Mr. Muthiah on Madras projects and contributed to the Geography portions. .

Here is what some of the school and NGO representatives have to say about her: “She believed that one must have the courage of conviction to pursue one’s chosen cause, no matter what challenges arise. This has made a deep impression on all of us at Vedavalli Vidyalaya. We will miss her a great deal.” – Ms. Vidya Sampath, Dean and Director, Vedavalli Vidyalaya Schools, Ranipet-Walajapet

“For many of us she was our teacher-colleague particularly in the subject of Geography and in recognising the place of field trips in learning. My first field trips with students were with her. She had always prided herself on her physical activity and love of travelling and we enjoyed many holidays together as a group of teachers during the summer holidays - to Shillong and Shantineiketan, Bhutan and Sikkim and the Andamans.” – Ms. Jayashree, The KFI School

“In body and spirit, she was with us at Vidya Vanam from the outset, and gave us valuable advice on how to go forward. Her passion for children and education was evident in all our meetings and discussions. She was not a STEM person, and was always keen to make sure that we had not overlooked the arts and aesthetics in the education process. A keen observer of colours of all things around she would not shy away from sharing her thoughts of how beauty is to be appreciated and fostered, from children onwards. We will miss her energy and great humor!”- Dr. Sriram Subramaniam, Managing Trustee, Vidya Vanam, Anaikatti

“When Mr. Ranganathan thought of early education for the remote village children, she drew up the whole blue print for the project, mission and vision, curriculum, budget, teacher training programme etc. Ranganathan could not have approached a better person and but for Mrs. Raghavan’s guidance and involvement Vidyarambam could not be what it is today.” – Mrs. Prema Veeraraghavan, Vidyarambham

“What always came across has been her indefatigable enthusiasm for teaching and constantly learning too. She had an infectious energy and catalysed many new initiatives, even in her 80s. She was deeply appreciative of Nizhal and our work.” – Mrs. Shoba Menon, Nizhal

She would cut pictures, articles and stories and send them as paper clippings to her carefully chosen recipients who would use them. She was a life-long learner. Her interests were diverse. She loved books, music, art, philosophy and people. She believed heritage must be cherished while modernity be adopted as needed. She was a well- balanced person and just a talk with her would clarify many thoughts and give direction for action. She was ever ready to help and share. For someone who retired from active teaching in schools almost 3 decades ago, she kept in touch with all her erstwhile colleagues and people in the academic field. She had a close network of friends, but she made everyone who came in contact with her feel like they were very special for her. She could be relied upon for connecting anyone anywhere for our programmes. She was simply an amazing resource for so many things.

She would never miss seminars, marriages and get togethers. She looked forward to fun with movies, outings and travel. She enjoyed the company of people and was always in touch with her old students, friends and family. Neither age nor ill-health deterred her from doing the things she wanted to do. She was always well dressed and graceful. She was comfortable in any environment, be it a school meeting, village visit, party, tour or temple visit. She would just be her natural self anywhere. She demonstrated that mind could win over body and adversity.

She would call people when they lost their beloved ones. She would offer help for any difficulty. I received her warmth, friendliness and comfort in my close association with her. That she was a Trustee of our schools became incidental. She was like a mother to me and our teachers. She was my friend, philosopher and guide. I feel I am a better person because of my association with her. She is survived by her son, Srinath, his wife Lakshmi, their daughters and sons in law Malavika & Vikram, Krithika & Rahul and great grandchildren. We offer our prayers for them to gain the courage to withstand this loss and carry on with her legacy. - Dr. Bhooma Parthasarathy Correspondent Vedavalli Vidyalaya, Ranipet-Walajapet


Damvilram Uncategorized August 18, 2020 6 Minutes,

School is all fun with friends and silly pranks. More often children look out of the window to sneak out into the play ground and freak out. Teachers in general try hard to hold the interest of children who very easily get distracted and have a short span of attention. Back then, in the 1960’s and early 70’s when we were students at PSBB, there was not even television for entertainment and knowledge and no question of virtual/online classes. It was only by attending to physical classes and to an extent visits to library that helped us acquire knowledge.

In the absence of any visual aids, teachers had to put in extra efforts to bring out the curiosity in children. No wonder, geography and history were hated by students then and now. These were sessions where students generally tend to get bored and turn mischievous. It certainly needed special skills like that of Mrs Susheela Raghavan, our geography teacher, to look forward to geography classes when we used to listen in rapt attention to a dreary subject.

Geography is all about description of a place and its people which included physical features like the terrain – mountains, rivers, grasslands and deserts. Mrs Susheela Raghavan had an innate capacity to bring before our eyes the Andes, the Pampas grasslands, the Titicaca Lake or the Atacama desert in South America. The way she described the Pampas with tall grass and a Goucho who sat on a horseback and tended to thousands of cattle and sheep transported you to the wilderness and made you believe that you were on the horse or at the highest lake of the world in Titicaca. You could very well imagine the deep diamond mines of Kimberley and the Bantu and the Pygmies of Africa.

It also requires innovating teaching methods to kindle the curiosity of young minds. One of the things she employed in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s is the field trips she used to take us on. Seeing is after all believing and any amount of teaching would not be enough unless children have a first hand experience themselves. It was an educational excursion. While she let us enjoy the journey, she was clear that it would also be some work and not all play. We had to write our report on the field trips which meant that we had to be attentive during our outings.

As students in the 8th or 9th grade, I still remember the trip to Neyveli Lignite fields and the Nellikupam sugar and toffee factories of Parrys. While the thrill of having unlimited toffees inside the factory (but nothing to be taken out) is still fresh in memory after nearly five decades, I also remember the sugar which is brown is turned white by adding bone ash of animals. We were also out on adventurous trips to the forests like Mudumalai. These vivid descriptions of places reinforced by actual field experiences have had a deep imprint on some of us and have stayed in our sub-conscious minds all along.

One night, forty years after I passed out of school I had a dream in which I was in the Pampas grasslands and was trekking the Machu Pichhu and boating in Lake Titicaca. The names of places like Iquique, Cotapaxi etc. kept recurring in a loop. I realised that it was after all a dream when the young sun hit me through the bedroom curtain.

I started mulling on what I dreamt and decided that it was time I went to all the places Mrs Susheela Raghavan taught us at school. One thing led to the other and after extensive planning I took a solo trip of South America for 45 days in 2013 and went to almost all the places she explained and which were etched in my memory. Standing on the vast expanse of the grasslands in the southern tip of South America I re-lived my dream and was thrilled to actually see a Goucho on a horseback with thousands of sheep around. The reality matched exactly with the description by Mrs Susheela. I trekked some beautiful mountainous regions in the Andes like the Torres del Paine and watched the breaking away of icebergs at the Perito Moreno glaciers. I went to the desolate and biting cold island of Megallen near Tierra del Feuga to see the Megallenic penguins. I remembered the roaring forties which Mrs Susheela Raghavan taught us when I saw the huge waves at the Straits of Megallen where the Atlantic, Pacific and the Antarctic oceans meet and churn. The famed wind speeds of the Pampas was seen first hand when the force of wind pushed the waterfall up against gravity at the Torres del Paine mountain ranges. The magic of the classroom was visible in front of my eyes and memories flooded of the wonderful teacher who had a clairvoyant and descriptive style which matched reality to the “T”. At the time of my trip I was not in touch with her and the overwhelming thought right through the journey was to somehow establish contact with her and share my photos and experiences. After all I owed it all to her..

I trekked the Machu Picchu and remembered the Incas described in the classroom. Seeing the floating islands in Lake Titicaca I remembered Mrs Susheela teaching us about the reeds which were strung together to keep the small islands floating in the highest navigable lake in the world. Her descriptions exactly matched with the way the reeds were fastened and floated. The trip was rounded off by a visit to the Galapagos where Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution by natural selection and the Amazon rain forest. I think it was the blessings of Mrs Susheela Raghavan that I had the good fortune of one in a million to see a Jaguar in the wild with its cub right in front of my eyes on the last day of my Amazon boat ride. Incredible.

A seed was sown in a fertile young mind which lay sub-conscious for four decades when it took the form of a dream which was actualized in exactly the way it was visualised for us by our great guru Mrs Susheela Raghavan.

Thanks to technology and a few good old school boys I got into the group of boys who passed out in 1973 and was glad to know that Mrs Susheela Raghavan was still in Chennai and some of my mates were in touch with her. Knowing the grilling I would have to face, I took my time to assemble my photos and my thoughts and put them all in a big PPT which I loaded on to my laptop and went to her house to explain. My excitement was palpable and I hoped and prayed that she would like it. I was in tears when she was so happy to know that someone she taught so long back was inspired to take a trip to South America and shared it with her. She made it a point that other geography teachers in Chennai schools should also see the presentation and I made a special presentation to the Geography Teachers Association of Chennai, thanks to Mrs. Susheela Raghavan.

It has been a continuous and constant engagement with her ever since and what struck me was her enthusiasm even at her advanced age to learn and know more. She made it a point to call us over at regular intervals to her home for sumptuous lunch or to meet at the city clubs when we used to regale our good old school days. During these discussions, we came to know more of the troubles and difficulties the teachers had to undergo when the school was at a nascent stage and struggling for funds. As children we were oblivious to their hardships then, but when we learnt of their struggles as adults, our esteem and respect for such selfless teachers has increased manifold.

Students,for teachers, are always children. She called me up this January and ordered that I take her to the Pulicat lake for seeing the migratory birds. She insisted that we do it when the season was on. Just out of hospital with a broken hip sustained through a fall, her spirit was undaunted and her love for Nature undiminished. I had to give in to her command and had a pleasant evening at Pulicat where she sat inside the car for most part and viewed the birds through the binoculars.

Mrs Susheela Raghavan was an optimist to the core and flatly instructed us not to send any negative news especially of the corona. A person who loved her students like her own, she felt miserable when we could not go and meet her in these days of pandemic.

MJust the last week she suddenly came on a Whatsapp video call and told me that she wanted to see my face. What do you say of such teachers. The last voice call she made was a few days back to say that the video I sent her of the ecological destruction of the Mututukadu backwaters was very good. That was the last I saw and heard of my beloved teacher who made us dream. Her sudden demise yesterday the 17th August is devastating. I can no longer talk with her of places and people which she so loved.

By D V Ramesh, class of 73

RIP Mrs Susheela Raghavan

Dear fellow PSBB'ians,

It is with deep regret that we report the passing away of Mrs Susheela Raghavan , one of the stalwart teachers of PSBB during the initial years of the institution. She taught Geography with immense passion and used to bring alive the places at a time when there was no visual medium like TV’s. She has inspired scores of students to take a liking for Geography which is otherwise shunned as a drab subject. There are students who have majored in Geography at UPSC exams & gone on to become senior IAS officers, thanks to the solid grounding she gave. Om Shanti🙏

The PSBB Alumni salutes its GURU on her passing away & acknowledges the impact she made on the shaping of the Students’ minds. She de-mystified Geography as a subject & brought the WORLD into the class rooms. Mrs Susheela Raghavan introduced the OPEN BOOK form of tests in the early 70’s as a concept. She was a very integral & one of the senior most stake holders of Mrs YGP’s “ Class Apart” team. She was a Guru, mentor & Friend to a lot of us. Pranams to our Guru 🙏 Mrs Susheela Raghavan.

Mr. K. Shivakumar, President

Susheela no more. Sad that one of my favourite teachers, is gone. To sum up in word....she was perfect in her work. She was strict. Self reliant. Independent.

Well dressed. She was elegant with perfectly matching and mellowed saree with blouses typically tailored. Sleeves neither short or long, slightly loose at the ends, well pressed, so that they pointed outwards. And ofcourse those slip-on shoes.

Her complexion was ivory and she conducted herself with the dignity of royalty. Dignified.

When she smiled she looked so beautiful.

Her son was the same age as us. So in many ways she was motherly to me.

Be it the painting of temple gopuram which I painted for her for our school drama, or my role as a dancer in " The light of Asia," staged at Abottsbury hall at Teynampet. She paid and got me sambar rice to eat, and also scolded me when I ate it publicly as she couldn't afford to get for the other performers who were not from our school.

She was very good at scrutiny of our geography answer paper. She red circled my smallest of mistakes and lies in my answers.

I learnt how to aim at perfection from her.

Today as a trainer , she certainly has influenced me by setting follow. Thank you Madam for influencing me till date. After 40 years, you are still there in our lives, as someone who lead by example. Thank you. Miss you.


Celebrate the life and accomplishments of Mrs.Rajalakshmi Parthasarathy

Dear Patrons,

Let us all celebrate the life and accomplishments of Mrs.Rajalakshmi Parthasarathy, fondly known by all as Mrs YGP, on the first anniversary of attaining the eternal abode.

An educationist, social worker and founder of the Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan (PSBB) group of schools in Chennai, Mrs YGP devoted her entire lifetime to the betterment of society through quality education, cultural awareness and appreciation.

We have an array of celebrities across cultural, sports and academia sharing their experiences and thoughts about her on this LIVE occasion - many have also been her students !

I for India and Bharat Kalachar are pleased to facilitate this event and we join Ygee Mahendra and Madhuvantii in inviting you all to this virtual commemoration service. A highlight will be a 15 min skit called MR & MRS YGP performed by YgeeM Sudha ARS & Suppini.

We also want to take this opportunity to support the needy performing artists through Bharat Kalachar and raise donations for them. Interested donors kindly transfer whatever little you could to :

Bharat Kalachar Indian Bank Nungambakkam A/c.No.430912042 IFSC - IDIB000N033

For those who live abroad and prefer to pay by PayPal, please send your payments through PayPal to and we will deliver the funds to Bharat Kalachar through our Indian operations.

Please find event details in the enclosed flyer and be sure to tune in

Visit The Youtube video Invite!

From the Desk of Mr. K. Shivakumar, President

Dear fellow PSBB'ians,

It gives me immense pleasure to highlight the wonderful achievements of G Karthik Balaji, alumnus of PSBB K.K.Nagar.He did his entire schooling at PSBB K.K.Nagar, right from Pre-KG to XII Std, 2004-2019.

A school topper in Xth and XIIth Standards, he scored 497/500 in the CBSE XII board exams in 2019. He secured All India Rank 3 and emerged a CBSE Southern Region topper!

The avid sportsman that he is, he was a regular member of the school cricket team from junior level and also had the honor of leading the school cricket team.

Excelling in contests and competitions, he was a member of the school team that won the Space Settlement Design Competition at the National level and was Runners-up at the Asian level in 2018-19.

He had the honor of receiving an invitation from the Honorable President of India for attending the ‘At Home’ reception at Rashtrapathy Bhavan, New Delhi, on 15th August 2019.

Mr. K. Shivakumar, President


Mr. G. Karthik Balaji


He has now received an invitation from the Ministry of HRD for witnessing the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi on 26th January 2020, from the Prime Minister’s box. He is among the 100 meritorious students invited from all over India for the occasion

He is presently studying Computer Science in IIT Hyderabad.

This is one more example of PSBB’ians excelling in whatever field they choose. Dr. (Mrs.) YGP, I am certain, will shower her blessings on Karthik Balaji.

Join me in extending our congratulations to him and wishing him the best in all his endeavors. We can be sure that he will continue to shine in all that he does.


It is with deep sadness that we announce the sudden demise of our beloved Dean Dr. Mrs. YGP on 6th August 2019. May her benevolent soul rest in eternal peace.


A Big Miss!
- R.S.Murali, Batch of 1975

No more will we hear her voice, no more will we hear her advice, no more will we see her penetrating look – for she is no more! But she IS! More than ever now!

The power of knowledge, tenacity, values that she injected in us as the PSBB DNA has given amazing success to all of us – her students – across the world. Today (August 6th, 2019) it was really shocking for us to learn that she has left her physical body - at 2.41pm. Mentally fit and active till her last breath she was in total command, as usual, until she decided to take leave.

What a legacy she has created! It is not just the PSBB schools and associated schools that she created, what she has done to art and culture through Bharath Kalachar is impossible to perceive – the imprint will remain for generations to come.

This gutsy lady threw a challenge to the traditional ‘convent’ schools several decades ago and created a school which will last forever with ever lasting values embedded with excellence. The first crop of teachers at PSBB was mothers who bravely admitted their children to this ‘unknown’ school! May be that is the reason why the motherly affection of teachers nurtured all of us to grow into well rounded human beings!

Her memory was not photographic in the traditional way; it was digital – both graphic and randomly accessible – and every time you met her she could surprise you with it. Her penchant for perfection was breathtaking and the finesse with which she would dwell deeply in various subjects was mind boggling. And till her last breath she was active in all school activities, meeting teachers and students almost everyday. She would read every correspondence meticulously, writing clearly the instructions for others to follow and complete the task.

Some of us belonging to the earlier batches had the privilege of being taught by her – her favourite Shakespearean plays – in her inimitable style. She was a great teacher, strict and vigilant, brilliant in her expressions and expositions – and the period would just fly away.

As our Big Miss she really left an imprint not only on our memory but also on our faces. Many of her students later in their lives were happy that they had been the recipient of her ‘magical touch’!

Yes ma’am – we will miss you but we will celebrate you, your life, what you lived for, what you passed on to us. We will celebrate the values you stood for, which we will carry to the coming generations not only in our homes, but also in the PSBB schools.

Every PSBB alumnus resolves that he/she would reinforce strongly with his/her alma mater and do everything possible to carry the mantle that she has left for us!

For us it is a BIG MISS and surely, so will you ‘Miss us’ YGP!

Your dear students

Mrs.YGP - A trail-blazer in education
- V Ranganathan, Batch of 1976

At a time when there were few good alternatives to Christian schools, PSBB sprung up from its humble origins, under a thatched roof from Lake Area, Nungambakkam, spearheaded by the indomitable Mrs.YGP, who fostered, nurtured and shaped its growth to a mighty educational institution, with a strong Hindu ethos, that later spawned many branches and inspired many others!

With a missionary zeal, Mrs.YGP invited many celebrities to school functions, collected donations and built the school block by block. She hand-picked the school faculty with care, introduced audio-visuals to supplement classroom lectures and invited cultural troupes from all over the country to perform at the Friday assembly.

While in class IV, I even recall a French Pantomine artist performing on invitation ; the movie shows at the beginning of holidays were another attraction. I was fortunate to study in the school from 1966-76 and was a witness to the evolution and spectacular growth of the PSBB brand equity.

The focus on 'cent per cent' First classes was unwavering and the academic regimen tight but not suffocating during our times ; class instruction was good enough and boys needing tuitions were few and far between. The spirit of the passionate teacher in Mrs.YGP endured well into her 90's and the stern, almost fierce outlook of her early days mellowed with her exposure to liberal school practices the world over.

With remarkable alacrity she would supervise drama rehearsals for the school anniversary. She realised the importance of sports education, the lacunae of a playground and made amends to acquire the same later in our time and also provide swimming pools in TP Road and KK Nagar branches.

In the 60's, parents would put their kids in schools nearby to their homes but when I passed out, families shifted close to PSBB as they did not want their offspring to study anywhere else! I salute the courage , conviction and vision of this great educationist.

What’s in a name by which we call a Rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.
- Arya Murali, Batch of 2004

Mrs. Rajalakshmi Parthasarathy to some, Rashmi to some, Big Miss to some, Periamma to some, YGP ma’am to some and Mrs.YGP to some!

A true icon in every sense of the word! RIP YGP Ma’am, will miss you in more ways than one can imagine. Right from the shlokas that I say till the music and art that I enjoy, the values that I live by, are all directly or in directly influenced by you.

I hope I am able to impart atleast some of what I have learned from you to my daughters!

Thank you for everything!

Shree Gurubhyo Namah!


Message from K. Shivakumar, President

Dear fellow PSBB 'ians

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Group of schools was founded in 1958 and is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee in 2018. A series of events marked the commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee Year, culminating in the Valedictory function to be held on 12th April 2018 at 6:00 PM. The School & its Management - Mrs. YGP in particular, is happy to invite the Alumni for the Diamond Jubilee Valedictory function. Honorable Defence Minister of India, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman will be presiding over the function as the Guest of Honor and shall be delivering the key note. The invitation is provided below for your reference and you are requested to kindly attend this function. Please be in your seat by 5:30 PM.



Please join us for the Inaugural Function of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations at Kamaraj Arangam on 22nd February at 5:30 PM

Live webcast of this event @
Live mobile stream of this event @


Mrs. YGP (Dean & Director) PSBB Group of Schools - "Living Legend"


The PSBB Alumni Account Bank details are:

Indian Bank, Nungambakkam Branch
A/c No: 430954297
IFSC Code: IDIB000N033

Contributions to the function must be followed with the following details sent to:

Last Name, First Name Email ID Batch of which year and School Branch Registration for how many persons Amount Remitted Remittance from which Bank
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Ravichandran Ashwin presented with Arjuna Award

Ravichandran Ashwin finishes 2015 as top-ranked Test bowler, all-rounder

R Ashwin was presented the Arjuna Award last year by the Sports Minister Sarbananda Sonowal in the Nation's capital.

In the ICC Player Rankings for Test Bowlers, Ashwin has become the first India bowler since Bishen Bedi in 1973 to achieve the milestone of finishing the year in number-one Test position.

Ravichandran Ashwin achieves rare feat after 105 years in the ongoing Test series against South Afria (Oct - Dec 2015)

PSBB Alumni and Indian Off spinner R Ashwin became the fastest Indian bowler to 150 wickets and also became the first man in over 100 years to bag 50 wickets after opening the bowling during the first Test against South Africa, at Punjab Cricket Association in Mohali.

The 29-year-old reached the milestone in his 29th Test match. Ashwin reached the record when he got South Africa's last man Imran Tahir caught at short leg. Ashwin now also has 100 wickets at home. He is also the fastest to this landmark.

Earlier, EAS Prasanna held the record of being the fastest to 150 wickets for India (34 matches).

"Magic & Logic in Mathematics".


Book by V. Ramachandran (Former Head of the Dept. Maths, PSBB Nungambakkam) release function. on 25th May 2015 @ PSBB School Nungambakkam)


"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart".

For PSBBians from the 60s and 70s Geography and Mrs.Sushila Raghavan will always be synonymous. She literally opened our eyes to a whole new world and took us on an unforgettable journey across continents. She pioneered the concept of "Open book tests" way back in the 70s!

The Alumni will ever remember and cherish the values that you imparted as also the years of selfless mentoring that you put in.

Our pranaams and namaskarams on the occasion of your 80th birthday and our best wishes for a happy and healthy life.

Do drop in your birthday wishes to


Alumni or specific batches desirous of contributing to Kalvialaya may get in touch with Shivakumar (President) ( or Selva (



Kudos to students, all Teachers , Visiting faculties and Selva.

Kalvialaya extends free quality educational support to Board level students from remote villages and acts as a Guide till they complete graduation and stand on their own.

Kalvialayam Trust situated at Pilapur, Chengalpattu ( provides free education to rural children in Chengalpattu. The Trust was founded by one of our Alumni, Mr. Selvakumar (Batch of 1976). Mr. Selvakumar was the child of one of our school Ayahs and was provided free education throughout his schooling by the PSBB management.

Class of 1987

The class of '87 celebrated their 25 year reunion with an acknowledgement of appreciation for their teachers. The event was held at the Lake Area school campus on the 22nd December 2012. The event was attended by most of the teachers, Mr. Williams in a wheel chair and Mrs. YGP.


Way to go Guys!


Avvaiyar Award for 'Model Woman' by the Tamil Nadu State Government

YET ANOTHER RECOGNITION for our beloved Guru, Padma Shri Dr. Mrs. YGP, has been awarded the Avvaiyar Award for 'Model Woman' by the Tamil Nadu State Government on the 13th of April 2012!. Dr. Mrs. YGP is the first recipient of this award.


Woman Achiever Award

PSBB deputy Dean, Mrs. Sheela Rajendra has been awarded "Woman Achiever Award" for outstanding contribution to the society by the Indo American Association, Chennai on March 30th 2012 by Ms. Jennifer McIntyre, U.S. Consulate General in Chennai. Yet another proud moment for our School!


K Shivakumar,
PSBB Alumni Association